About Adam Peter Nielsen

I'm constantly coming up with new ideas. There's never a dull moment here. So, generally speaking, I could use more hours in the day, or a time machine, because there's just so much exciting stuff to do in this world. - I see opportunities. The glass is half full. Bring it on!

Various checkmarks and facts

Married to Jane and father to Max and Theo. Grew up in the countryside. Living in Skanderborg. Wear white shirts to work. Toastmaster at four weddings. Changed a tire during rush hour on La Rambla in Barcelona. Love recreational sailing. Missing one continent (Antarctica). Yes to French white wine and English sparkling. Installed two kitchens. Ballroom dancing twenty years, Need 4 power drills. Comfortable in front of a crowd/at the podium. Cross-country skied to school when it snowed a lot. Proposed to my wife at sunset. Love nature.

Adventure lookouts

After 4PM

My free time is spent with family, friends, and nature. Preferably by the water, on the water, or under the water. Spearfishing has been sport no. 1 in recent years. I also enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding with the family during the warmer months.

Back on land, you might catch me hiking in the woods or cooking fish on a fire. Occationally on a badminton court. Zen is tending to my garden and growing fresh fruit and vegetables.

A swim on Kgari
Gold in the greens
Shark investigation
Fox glacier '24

See you in the forest...
Why 1k.dk? It symbolizes absolute zero: one Kelvin (1 K, -272.15 °C, -457.87 °F), representing the starting point after deconstruction and where to start rebuilding from first principles. "DK" = Denmark, my home country. Also, it's the shortest available domain I could get at the time!